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About Us

It’s time to break the circle!

Uganda is located in East-Africa and has about 47 million citizens of which 50% is below the age of 20 years and one third earns less than $1 a day. Up until today education can’t be taken for granted, especially for girls and women.

When women are (economically) empowered the whole family will benefit as they will be able to provide in the basic needs and children will be able to go to school. All of this has a major impact on the society, which can break the cycle of poverty. Women become economically stronger by engaging them in activities that generate an income. Most of the time it is because of lack of knowledge why women are  financially not able to take care of their families.

A Woman’s Worth empowers women in disadvantaged communities in Uganda by sharing knowledge about entrepreneurship, personal development and fashion so women become (financially) independent and self-sufficient. We believe in the power of knowledge and therefore we don’t give out money or loans. Loans cause a lot of stress in Uganda as the interestrate is 25% and they hardly check if women are able to pay back within the set time.

 Our socio-economic empowerment program takes 6 months and and is focused on 2 main pillars, Personal development and Entrepreneurship.

Personal Development

Personal development is an essential part of our program. After all, successful entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with good mental health. We use different tools to map out the personal situation of the women. By visualizing the women gain more insight in their lives and we can make an individual action plan.

A change in mindset and focus on the positive aspects of life can bring a significant change in behavior and self-esteem. Women become more aware of their qualities and how they can develop them in order to expand their business. In 6 months’ time we see an enormous change in their self-confidence and there are able to stand up for themselves.

By sharing experiences and different situations the women realize they are not alone and that other women in the community are facing the same problems. In collaboration with specialized partners women learn how to deal with domestic violence, what their rights are and where to seek help.


Ugandans are very enterprising but often, due to lack of knowledge, they make little or no profit at all. Many women start a small scale business to generate an income for their family. By giving women access to education they learn how to successfully run a business and how to use their earned money in a responsible way. Saving is an essential part of our program and key point for entrepreneurs.

After completing the course the women are able to independently run and expand their business without the input of a loan or credit.

Fashion Academy

In 2018 A Woman’s Worth launched the Fashion Academy. In 6 months’ time women learn the basics of tailoring and jewelry making and they are able to generate an income. We encourage them to reuse materials and especially for the jewelry we use a lot of natural products that are easy to find in the different communities. Besides the designs we also teach the women how to price and market their product so they can work independently after graduating.

We discovered a lot of hidden talent and to give women a platform to showcase their design we organize the “From the slum to the catwalk” Fashion Show. In partnership with leaders in the Ugandan fashion industry we are able to put a unique and high-end show to promote empowerment through fashion.

In 2019 the Founding Director, Susan Geurts, received the Positive Change Award at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

Organization and history

A Woman’s Worth is founded in 2015 by Susan Geurts from the Netherlands.

Susan realised there is a huge demand for knowledge as most of the time it is because of lack of knowledge why women are not able to generate enough income to support  their families.

“By sharing knowledge and experience you can create a huge impact. A lot of organizations are focused on short term while people need long-term solutions”. Susan strongly believes that knowledge is the key to interrupt the cycle of poverty.

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for today, teach someone how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”.

So far 300 women successfully graduated and this has an impact on the lives of 1.500 children.


Thanks to our partners and sponsors we are able to make a change to empower women by sharing knowledge so they become independent and self-sufficient.

By joining forces we are able to give women access to education. They share our vision and contribute in various ways to achieving our goals.


Do you want to become a partner?

Contact us on info@awomansworth.nl

What we want

An independent and self-sufficient life

for every woman in Uganda

How we do this

We empower women by sharing knowledge about entrepreneurship, personal development and fashion


‘You can’t judge a book by it’s cover’

– Prema

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Address Uganda:
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