“If you educate a woman, you educate a family, a community, a nation”


About Us

Time for change! Education in Uganda is not self-evident, especially not for women. Quite often parents invest their limited resources in education for boys as they want the girls to help at home instead of going to school. Girls need to get married at a young age so they can start a family and stay with them. A lack of knowledge is most of the time the reason why women are financially unable to fulfill the basic needs of their families. They are not able to pay the school fees for their children so for a better future for the women and their families things need to change!

How can we do this? By sharing knowledge we make the women (financially) independent and we improve their position in different ways. We focus on: personal development and entrepreneurship.

We believe in the power of knowledge and therefore we don’t provide any money or loans.
Our training program lasts 6 months and is focused on the 2 subjects Development & Entrepreneurship


In the first weeks of the program we use a variety of tools (lifeline, tree or worries, network circle, etc.) to get a good view of the personal situation of the women. By doing this we get to know where they need extra help or if we need to focus on certain personal circumstances.

During the weekly training we empower women by building their self-confidence. During our bonding exercises we ask them to talk about personal issues, which is not common in the Ugandan culture. By sharing these experiences they find out they are not the only ones struggling with certain situations and that even the other members have the same worries and circumstances. We teach the women how to stand up for themselves and that they don’t have to accept all situations just as they are. By focusing on the positive things in life we have seen some great changes in their behavior and self-esteem. Since some of the women had limited access to education it is the first time in their life they receive a diploma after completing our program so this is a huge milestone and a boost for their self-confidence!


The women already have a small business when they join the program. Most of the women have a small stall at the market where they sell fruits and vegetables or they work as a hairdresser or tailor. Mainly due to a lack of knowledge they make little or no profit at all. During our training we teach them how to:

– Keep records in a cashbook;

– Keep daily, weekly and monthly records;

– Make a business plan;

– Make a SWOT analysis;

– Make a financial budget;

– Save for your business and household;

– Manage their inventory;

We teach them how to write a business plan and how to implement it successfully into their business. At least once a week we visit the women at their business. During these visits we check on their cashbooks and we check if they are able to implement the acquired knowledge. These visits also give us a good opportunity to advice them 1 on 1 and to talk about personal issues.

Fashion Academy

In the beginning of 2018 we opened up a small tailoring workshop and in 2020 we launched the A Woman’s Worth Fashion Academy. The tailors in the slum areas are trained to become professional fashion designers so they can compete with the many tailors in the communities who only know the basics. We discovered a lot of hidden talent and to give the women a platform we started to organize Fashion Show “From the slum to the catwalk”. Because of the enormous support of designers, artists and international models we could give our women an unique experience where their designs were showcased during a professional show. In October 2020 the 3rd edition will take place while the women showcase their own collection to the biggest influencers of the East African fashion industry.

Organization and history

A Woman’s Worth is founded in 2015 by Susan Geurts from the Netherlands. After her first visit to Uganda in 2013 she was touched by the perseverance of the women. She worked for different organizations in Uganda and she found out that her commercial knowledge and experience added a lot of value to different communities. It made her decide to start her own organization for women, A Woman’s Worth.

“By sharing knowledge and experience you can create a huge impact in Uganda. A lot of organizations are focused on short term while they need long-term solutions”.


We are very grateful for the support of our partners as because of them we can empower women by sharing knowledge so they can build an independent life for their families.

By joining forces we are able to give women access to a better, self-sufficient and independent life. The companies below share our vision and contribute in various ways to achieving our goals. On behalf of the whole team and most certainly on behalf of the women we thank our partners for their support.

What we want

Every woman in Uganda deserves an independent and self-sufficient life!

How do we do this

We train Ugandan women in entrepreneurship and personal development so they become self sufficient and (financially) independent.


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‘You can’t judge a book by it’s cover’

– Prema

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